About Our Veterinary Hospital



Our surgical suite is equipped for both routine and emergency operations. We use isoflurane and sevoflurane gas anesthetics– the safest available. The use of monitoring equipment ensures the safety of the pet during any procedure. In addition, we offer complete dental care and professional dental scaling and polishing.



Our on-site laboratory allows us to collect specimens for rapid analysis of the patient’s potential health problems with the assistance of technologically advanced equipment. Should further testing be required, we are equipped to send specimens in outside labs for additional advanced testing procedures.



In addition to providing a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy, we also work closely with local and national pharmacies to custom compound medication when the situation arises. Many health problems require frequent or regular medications.

In order to satisfy medical ethical and legal requirements, it is necessary for the veterinarian to review the pet’s record, approve the refill and note the medication dispensed on the pet’s record. If the veterinarian is involved in examinations, treatments or surgery, there could be a minor delay. If possible, please phone in advance so that this procedure can be accomplished before your arrival. According to Georgia law, we cannot fill prescriptions for any pet that we have not examined.